A humble entry for the libGDX Jam of March 2022.

Veggies have invaded the planet and are taking over! Who will save us??? YOU that's who!

Now go on,  go get those veggies!

Left click to do everything.



RootRage2-0.0.1.jar 27 MB

Install instructions

Need latest Java to run.


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Fun cute game : )
I like how short it was, satisfied the completionist in me < 3

The different speeds of the veggies was a good idea, made it harder and more interesting.

Thank you so much! ❤️

Epic!. I got 73 seconds left. The game design, art and music go so well together. Nice code btw. :)

Thank youuuuuuuu! ❤️

I challenge you Elite Snipers of the world!
Congratulations on your first game!!! It's truly astonishing what you've accomplished in so little time! I wish my beginnings were so great xD Here's hoping for more of your games! ^~^

You are too kind! Thank you! ❤️


Kill all humans! I mean veggies. Damn potatoes.



Great job, especially for a first time programmer! Very hard game, I couldn't defeat the boss sadly as he was too fast for me. Also, great art by Raeleus.


I was hoping that it would be a challenge! Thanks so much kind sir. ❤️


This was great work! Especially as your first solo coding project. I must be getting old because that boss fight had my clickin' fingers dying. lol.  Also, the art was on point, to be expected.


LOl me too! I struggle to beat my own game sometimes. Thank you so much for the kind words! ❤️


Very cute veggies and cutest boss fight ever. Nice


Thank youuuuuuu!❤️